Montreal Protocol: Ozone Treaty? No, climate treaty!

Rajendra Shende, who retired from UNEP as Head of OzonAction of DTIE at the level of Director, is better known as "man in hurry with action-agenda". After 20 years of experience in the private sector he brought the corporate culture of management-by-results and the target-oriented-goals to build the OzonAction Programme of United Nations from scratch. He was awarded with Climate Protection Award of USEPA in 2009 for his achievement in Climate Mitigation through OzonAction. His programme also became first ever Programme of United Nations to get USA award for the Ozone Layer Protection. Here he talks to Marco Buoni Vice President of AREA and Technical Director of CSG.


Ammonia: The Refrigerant of the Future

Bruce Badger
IIAR President

It may seem odd to call ammonia – a refrigerant first used for refrigeration in the 1800’s – the refrigerant of the future. However, a drastic evolution in equipment, controls and other technologies in recent years is ensuring that ammonia will be at the center of the new safer, greener and more efficient industrial refrigeration systems to come.


Green Building Market in Switzerland

View of a Swiss Bio-Architect

In the last decade, the green building market has boomed in many parts of the world; Asia in particular has experienced the fastest growth rate of 35% per year, and expected to reach 70% by 2013. This high growth rate is due mainly to the fact that in many Asian countries the CO2 reduction will be an enormous future challenge, especially in countries like China where the economy is highly coal-based. In Switzerland, the growth rate of recent years has been modest compared to Asian countries, which is set around 15%.


Nexus of Survival

Janos Maté
Senior Consultant
Greenpeace International
Political Business Unit

Human survival, in fact the survival of life as we know it, requires a nexus between the reality of climate change, preventative policies and sustainable technological development.


The New Ice Age for Cooling

Director Low carbon Initiative, Professor Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, UK


The ability to keep buildings, people, goods, food and beverages cold is a vital requirement for many sectors of our global economy.


Broadening Our Horizons

Thomas Watson, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, Life Member
2012-13 ASHRAE President

This year, ASHRAE is emphasizing that engineers and those who install and maintain new technologies are the leaders in sustainable practices in our communities. I am concentrating on how the three focal points of technology, applications and people combine to develop stronger, more sustainable communities.


What is the future for London's Renewable Energy Investment sector, following the election results?

What is the future for London's Renewable Energy Investment sector, following the election results? 

Renewable Energy Solutions Course Solar Photovoltaic Course

Following calls from renewable energy professionals and demands from the industry itself, the EEC hosts the Renewable Energy Management and Finance training course in London.


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