Continuous Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development is all about identifying gaps in your knowledge and skills, improving on these and working towards progression and greater fulfilment within your professional career.

The Renewable Energy CPD Programme has been established by the Renewable Energy Institute in order to help individuals within the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector improve and develop their own skills and experience whilst promoting best practice in renewable energy.

The Renewable Energy CPD Programme is currently free to apply for. You can also qualify directly for Affiliate (AREI) or Full (MREI) Membership.

The REI are able to provide members with a range of resources to help in their development as well as the opportunity to gain the ultimate accolade in the programme and achieve Mastership Status.

Subscribing to the Energy Learning Journal (via the Contact Us) page can count towards your CPD activities for the Renewable Energy Membership Programme.

Partners: Renewable Energy Institute | European Centre of Technology | Renewable Energy Institute Membership Programme | Galileo Master Certificate